The 2014 Annual Exhibition was Opened by Professor Ken Howard OBE RA. Ken also presented the Awards for 2014.


Ken Howard with Adrian Weber from Caran d'Ache


Sarah Bee Winner of the Caran d'Ache Sponsor's Award 
with Adrian Weber Fine Arts Director of Communication Caran d'Ache 
and Paul Sacki of Jakar International Ltd

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Ken Paine held a book signing during the afternoon of the Private View.
'Nowhere to Hide' a story of Ken's life by Penelope Korn.


Main Gallery



Awards 2014

Prizes & Awards

Caran d’Ache Sponsor's Award Sarah Bee
Daler Rowney Award Angela A’Court
Derwent Award Jeannette Hayes    
Conté à Paris Award Patricia Cain    
Purcell Papers    Award Felicity House    
Unison Colour Award Janette Summerfield
The Artist Magazine Award Tony Allain    
Artist & Illustrators Award Sheila Goodman    
Henri Roché Award Bess Avery    
Schmincke Award Claire Spencer    
The Arts Club Charitable Trust Award Janine Baldwin    
Buzzacott Award Michael Norman
Faber Castell Award Michele Illing    
Frank Herring & Sons Award Bess Avery
John Longley Award Richard Turner    
PanPastel Award Annie Phelps    
Pastel Society Catalogue Award (First Prize) Tony Allain
Pastel Society Catalogue Award (Second Prize) Carole Moore    
Pastel Society Young Artist Award Denise Cutts


Gallery 2014


  • Alone in a Crowded Room (97cm x 68cm)
  • Solitude (95cm x 104cm)
  • The Colours of Venice (50cm x 47cm)
  • Fish Market (50cm x 47cm)
  • Inner Harbour (50cm x 47cm)

  • The Beach (92cm x 47cm)
  • Clare Sleeping (44cm x 54cm)
  • Flowery Dress (71cm x 71cm)
  • Blue Spotty Scarf (71cm x 71cm)
  • Taylor's Gold (71cm x 71cm)

  • Yellow Cloth (71cm x 71cm)
  • Megumi in Kimono (70cm x 100cm)
  • Sigemi in Kimono (70cm x 100cm)
  • Spare the Rod! (66cm x 90cm)
  • Study for Paraguayan Dream No  (60cm x 76cm)

  • On Another Day (70cm x 170cm)
  • The Green Room (70cm x 170cm)
  • Rather Than Words (70cm x 170cm)
  • Glasses With Bees (60cm x 70cm)
  • Lunch at Plays-Yn-Dre (32cm x 35cm)

  • Man from Jagdalpur (56cm x 44cm)
  • The Mendicant (70cm x 53cm)
  • Margaret Aged 96 (89cm x 69cm)
  • Man from Orissa (74cm x 60cm)
  • Garden (81cm x 75cm)

  • Wild Teasel (50cm x 50cm)
  • Yellow Flowers (81cm x 66cm)
  • After the Rain (42cm x 42cm)
  • Pestle and Mortar (40cm x 50cm)
  • Strawberries and Melon (40cm x 50cm)

  • Reclining Nude  (81cm x 102cm)
  • Blossom Buddha (40cm x 40cm)
  • Warm Rocks and Cool Water at Haytor Quarry, Dartmoor (68cm x 68cm)
  • Signs of Life in the Valley after a Long Hard Winter (79cm x 79cm)
  • The Moss on the Wall Glowed, Devon (79cm x 79cm)

  • Towards Two Bridges, Dartmoor (51cm x 51cm)
  • Artur (91cm x 76cm)
  • Blacksmith Grinding (68cm x 58cm)
  • Forge Elements Study (81cm x 66cm)
  • Forge Rhythm (58cm x 54cm)

  • Workshop Division1 (92cm x 76cm)
  • Garden at Milnton1 (61cm x 61cm)
  • Hedge1 (74cm x 61cm)
  • Three Trees (150cm x 111cm)
  • Flight (48cm x 92cm)

  • The Last Cupcake (61cm x 74cm)
  • Riziki (Congo) (88cm x 74cm)
  • Cyclamen in the Shade (50cm x 50cm)
  • There was a Stillness in the Air (63cm x 63cm)
  • Sunrise on the Heath (150cm x 64cm)

  • The Pines Grow Tall in the Valley (90cm x 90cm)
  • Winter Sun (90cm x 90cm)
  • Simon James (75cm x 75cm)
  • BMW Combined Engine Cut-away Diptych (43cm x 120cm)
  • Along South Down Walk (46cm x 51cm)

  • Old Gate, Southdown Walk (46cm x 51cm)
  • Winter, South Down Way (51cm x 55cm)
  • Aldwych (46cm x 56cm)
  • Lights Piccadilly (56cm x 76cm)
  • Pinks (37cm x 37cm)

  • Rainy Day, the Strand (76cm x 56cm)
  • 6pm Trafalgar Square (80cm x 96cm)
  • Corey Stockwell and Bear (76cm x 66cm)
  • Rhania Akii-Bua Harris, 75m Hurdler (78cm x 66cm)
  • Dr Stephen Head: Zoologist (84cm x 70cm)

  • Potter's Delight (45cm x 101cm)
  • Lady Gaga Moment (62cm x 82cm)
  • Study for 'The Palace Manifest' (after Roye) (112cm x 152cm)
  • Just Flowers (68cm x 74cm)
  • Lord of the Dance (36cm x 26cm)

  • The Fallen Tree (82cm x 91cm)
  • North Norfolk, March 2014 (49cm x 50cm)
  • fursededhamdasher
  • gilkesglorioussky
  • Gloriuos Sky (80cm x 80cm)

  • Moorland Path (58cm x 72cm)
  • Winter Morning, Ronda (54cm x 54cm)
  • White Castle (82cm x 62cm)
  • The Blue Vase495 (52cm x 45cm)
  • Cuba Libre (68cm x 68cm)

  • Lines of Linen (68cm x 68cm)
  • Tuesday Morning (68cm x 68cm)
  • Vintage Havana (68cm x 68cm)
  • Fields of Pink (76cm x 117cm)
  • Putney Heath (25cm x 33cm)

  • South Stack Lighthouse, Anglesey (64cm x 70cm)
  • Kennet and Avon Canal, Bath (50cm x 40cm)
  • Eith Landings (36cm x 45cm)
  • No More Sailing (36cm x 45cm)
  • Beansticks 2 (45cm x 45cm)

  • Ceremonial Entrance Gwalior Fort (61cm x 53cm)
  • Goats at Jahangiri Mahal, Orchha (53cm x 62cm)
  • Morning Sun on Quince (57cm x 62cm)
  • Dusk Moves (52cm x 56cm)
  • Eastern Sun (83cm x 100cm)

  • Field Patterns, Yorkshire (47cm x 39cm)
  • Studio I (50cm x 46cm)
  • Studio II (50cm x 46cm)
  • Three Lilies (28cm x 22cm)
  • Big Baby (76cm x 95cm)

  • Lines 7 (43cm x 68cm)
  • Mind Games (50cm x 50cm)
  • plus And minus (73cm x 83cm)
  • Remember (50cm x 50cm)
  • Word Machine (78cm x 78cm)

  • Still There; (56cm x 72cm)
  • Londoners (100cm x 70cm)
  • Circus Horses565 (55cm x 47cm)
  • Bamburgh (45cm x 60cm)
  • Extemporary Composition 4 (123cm x 123cm)

  • Extemporary Composition  (65cm x 80cm)
  • Extemporary Composition 3 (100cm x 109cm)
  • Extemporary Composition 2 (85cm x 102cm)
  • Red Berries (50cm x 50cm)
  • Clovelly Harbour (33cm x 47cm)

  • Trawler Repairs (44cm x 65cm)
  • Katherine (77cm x 57cm)
  • Highland (84cm x 92cm)
  • On the Scent (72cm x 94cm)
  • Highest Tide since 53 (80cm x 60cm)

  • Occaisional Showers (60cm x 80cm)
  • Construction in Space (30cm x 24cm)
  • Evening in the Old Town (18cm x 12cm)
  • Old Boots (98cm x 78cm)
  • Tuscan Farms and Fields (50cm x 50cm)

  • Lanzarote Landscape (67cm x 77cm)
  • Anthropomorphism  (15cm x 15cm)
  • Tunnelbana (25cm x 25cm)
  • Sardines in Terracotta Bowl (67cm x 65cm)
  • Whoosh (83cm x 63cm)

  • Gold Rush (50cm x 65cm)
  • Autumn Wood (41cm x 51cm)
  • Santa Maria della Salute (82cm x 67cm)
  • Sunlit Canal, Venice (82cm x 67cm)
  • Towards the Lido, Evening (82cm x 67cm)

  • A Venetian Canal (82cm x 67cm)
  • Joseph (88cm x 65cm)
  • The Gypsy (50cm x 50cm)
  • The Magistrate (98cm x 75cm)
  • Sea Bream (47cm x 57cm)

  • Not in my Backyard (78cm x 63cm)
  • Garden Gate Kyoto (78cm x 78cm)
  • Clare - Multiple Studies from Life (72cm x 94cm)
  • Eli - Prolonged Study - Two Aspects (67cm x 95cm)
  • Initial Assessment (91cm x 64cm)

  • Sebastian Amoah First Study (74cm x 58cm)
  • Silvina and Boots (91cm x 64cm)
  • Dance Student (60cm x 50cm)
  • High Wold (64cm x 67cm)
  • Facing the Future (43cm x 33cm)

  • The Kiss (44cm x 34cm)
  • Cormorant (71cm x 78cm)
  • Towards Snowdonia (43cm x 53cm)
  • Jug and Jelly (67cm x 49cm)
  • Still Life with Codd Neck Bottle (55cm x 55cm)

  • The Lavender Garden (99cm x 99cm)
  • Dales Barn (50cm x 50cm)
  • Farms and Barns Yorkshire Dales2 (86cm x 86cm)
  • Luskentyre Sands, Harris (71cm x 71cm)
  • Standing Stones North Uist (71cm x 71cm)

  • Mirabel Aux Baronnies Drome (64cm x 86cm)
  • This Way (74cm x 58cm)
  • Let's Walk Through the Woods (74cm x 58cm)
  • Adrift (38cm x 54cm)
  • Darlington Street Market (44cm x 54cm)

  • Flowers and 2B Pencil (44cm x 50cm)
  • In the Tate (61cm x 68cm)
  • Brook Street, Woodbridge (59cm x 67cm)
  • Clive (80cm x 80cm)
  • France and Back (80cm x 80cm)

  • Misty Morn (80cm x 80cm)
  • Water Colour (80cm x 80cm)
  • Blue Violin (90cm x 64cm)
  • Leaf and Varitations (54cm x 47cm)
  • Stormfalls (58cm x 70cm)

  • Transitions 2 (Diptych)0 (135cm x 270cm)
  • Yellow Tray (65cm x 94cm)
  • Blue Chair (94cm x 69cm)
  • Blue Jug (17cm x 19cm)
  • Cyclamen (52cm x 49cm)

  • Out to Sea (53cm x 46cm)
  • Snow Bound (72cm x 76cm)
  • Fez Alley 2 (45cm x 32cm)
  • Roadside (76cm x 59cm)
  • Fruit and Flowers on a Patterned Cloth (70cm x 75cm)

  • Oranges and Zinnias (70cm x 75cm)
  • Pears and Jugs (70cm x 75cm)
  • Sunflowers and Lemons (70cm x 75cm)
  • After the Leaves have Fallen (140cm x 110cm)
  • Autumn Leaves Cling So Desperately (85cm x 114cm)

  • North Michigan Avenue, Chicago (116cm x 86cm)
  • Summer Fete at Stoke Abbot (80cm x 98cm)


Featured Artist

Patricia Cain

Trish 1

 ' Yours and the light from it, un-buoyed '
Patricia Cain

Patricia Cain is a Dumfries and Galloway-based artist, author and researcher who completed her PhD through the practice of drawing at Glasgow School of Art.
Her practice (drawing, painting, sculpture and public art) is intimately connected to her interest in skill-lead art-making processes, the value of these as First Person research methodologies and the importance of teaching and encouraging skill in this era of concept-led Art Education.
Her book Drawing: The Enactive Evolution of the Practitioner explores the relationship between drawing and enactive thinking and examines how art-making can actualize and visually make evident the emergent aspects of its own activity, allowing artists to become self-aware of their own thinking and learning processes.
Trish exhibits nationally and internationally, winning both the Threadneedle and Aspect Prizes in 2010. Her recently acclaimed major exhibition at Kelvingrove, Drawing (on) Riverside, exposed the nature of practitioner knowledge to a wider lay audience through the observation and response to the construction of Glasgow’s new Riverside Museum which has subsequently been likened to Dewey’s study of the nature of method.

Curriculum Vitae


2004/08 PhD, Glasgow School of Art
2000/04 BA (Hons) Fine Art – Cumbria College of the Arts
2002 UK Intra-transfer Test – Law Society of Scotland
1988/89 Law Society Finals – Northumbria University
1984/87 LLB (Hons) Law – Northumbria University
1982/83 1st Year BA (Hons) Illustration – Central St Martins
1982 Arts Foundation Course – Cumbria College of Art and Design

Selected Awards:

Royal Watercolour Society Award, RWS Contemporary Watercolour Competition 2014, Finalist, Arte Laguna Prize 2013 Venice, RSA Residency Award 2013 – Barns-Graham Trust, James B S Curr Memorial Award, Paisley Arts Institute 124th Annual Exhibition, Discerning Eye Scottish Regional Prize 2012, Winner Threadneedle Prize 2010, Winner Aspect Prize 2010, The Bet Low Trust Award, Daler Rowney Award The Pastel Society, Finalist International Drawing Annual (INDA) 2010, RSA Residency Award 2009, Arts Trust of Scotland Award, RSW Visual Arts Residency, Hospitalfield House, Arbroath, Glasgow Art Club Fellowship Prize, Royal Glasgow Institute, House for an Art Lover Prize, Royal Glasgow Institute Exhibition, Royal Scottish Academy John Kinross Scholarship 2007, Oppenheim – John Downes Memorial Trust Award, Colonel McClean Trust Scheme/Logan and Johnston School Scheme Award, Golden Jubilee Fellowship Fund Award, New Contemporaries Shortlist, Rootstein Hopkins Shortlist, Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons Prize, Royal Glasgow Institute, Horace W. Goldsmith Scholarship for Drawing, Glasgow School of Art

Selected Solo Exhibitions:

2012 Drawing (on) Riverside 11 Spitalfields Gallery
2011 The Riveted Eye House for an Art Lover
2011 Drawing (on) Riverside Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum
2010 Tri Juncta in Uno The Meffan Gallery
2009 Recent work from Florence and Glasgow, House for an Art Lover
2008 Drawing Construction, Lillie Gallery
2006 Clyde Redevelopment, Backdoor Gallery
New Work, Glasgow Royal Institute Kelly Gallery
2004 Surfaces Geologia, Glasgow School of Art
Surfaces Geologia, RIAS Gallery, Edinburgh
2001 Lake District Landscapes, Theatre-by-the-Lake Gallery, Keswick

To read more about the career of Artist Patricia Cain 
Public Art:

2011 Architectural Installation in collaboration with architect Anne Nisbet Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum
Glass Installation in collaboration with Glass Artist Alec Galloway Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum
2010 Haggs Gate, Pollockshaws, Glasgow.


Flemming-Wyfold Collection, Glasgow Museums, Royal Scottish Academy, Lillie Gallery, BBC Scotland, House for an Art Lover, Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons, North Glasgow Housing Association, Bam Construction



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