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Call for Entries

Featured Artist

Valeriy Gridnev
Gridnev Valeriy In Studio

 ' In Studio '
Valeriy Gridnev

Valeriy Gridnev PS ROI RP

Biographical Details:

Valeriy Gridnev was born in Russia in 1956. After studying at Sverdlovsk Art College from 1976 – 1980 enrolled at St. Petersburg Academy of Arts in 1983 and graduated in 1990. His graduation project “The Early Years” won The Gold Medal of USSR Academy of Arts. Valeriy worked for 4 years from 1990 at St. Petersburg Academy of Art’s postgraduate “creative” studio. Valeriy has been a member of Russian Artist’s Federation from 1991.
Since 1999 Valeriy has lived and worked in the UK. He has became a member of the Pastel Society in 2003, Royal Institute of Oil Painters in 2006 and the Royal Society of Portrait Painters in 2011.


The Pastel Society
Royal Institute of Oil Painters
Royal Society of Portrait Painters

Scholarships, Awards, Prizes:

• 1990 The Gold Medal of the USSR Academy of Arts.
• 1991 elected member of Russian Artist Federation.
• 2000 “Pastels of the Century”, London. Frank Herring award.
• 2003 “Pastel Society Exhibition 2003”, London Frank Herring award.
• 2003 elected member of British Artists Pastel Society.
• 2004 “Not the Turner prize competition 2004”. Winsor and Newton/The Daily Mail finalist prize.
• 2005 “Royal institute of oil painters’ exhibition”, London. Windsor and Newton award to best non-member picture.
• 2006 “Pastel Society Exhibition “, London. Orange Street Gallery Uppingham Prize.
• 2006 “Royal Society Of Portrait Painters”, London. The Arts Club Award.
• 2006 elected member of British Artists Royal Institute of Oil Painters.
• 2011 elected member of Federation of British Artists Royal Society of Portrait Painters.


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The Pastel Society Annual Exhibition 2017
Royal Institute of Oil Painters Annual Exhibition 2016
Royal Society of Portrait Painters Annual Exhibition 2016
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Royal Society of Portrait Painters Annual Exhibition 2015



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