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Bess Avery
Avery Bess Garden 1

by Bess Avery



Grays Thurrock Tech. Diploma Art & Design.
Middlesex Uni. B.A. Hon. Fine Art
East London University M.A. Fine Art
C&G Teaching Adult Education

Artists Statement

I began my study of Fine Art as a mature student after my family had grown up. Although Fine Art was a subject I had always wanted to pursue, I began my education later in life.
Taking the opportunity to study, I attended Middlesex University and East London University, and later became a member of the Pastel Society.
Most of my work has been based on collections of natural forms from walks and trips, whether from woods or meadows, coast or gardens.
Each collection reminds me of the place, environment and season. They are chosen by whatever I find attracts me, colour, texture or whatever else.
When I bring them back to my studio I work on in-depth drawings of the objects. Later I produce drawings using only the structure and characteristics of the object.
My main interest recently has been plant life and flowers; I have always enjoyed the work by botanical artists.
The variety is endless, and easy to obtain, whether bought or collected. Also my own garden and other peoples’ gardens have inspired my work.
Pastel has been a very good medium for my work. When I first worked with pastel I found it quite challenging, but after experimenting, I soon found a way of using pastel which suited my approach and worked well with the medium. I like the immediacy of pastel and the colour range.
I also think it is important to find a support that suits your technique.

The image shown above was the Cover Image for the 2014 Pastel Society Annual Exhibition.


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