1962 - 1966 graduated with 1st class Honours in Interior Design from the Kingston College of Art.

1966 - 1975. Interior Designer in Local Government, Private Practice, THF Hotels, and head of Interior Design for Whitbread London.

Elected a Fellow of the Chartered Society of Designers.

Formed own Interior Design Company with her Husband, specializing in 5 star Hotels in the UK and overseas. Winners of 2 major Hotel Design competitions in 1976 and 1983.

She began life drawing and painting in her spare time in 1991, and following her first solo exhibition in 1997, she changed her career to paint full time. Her early collections featured the natural world in and around her home at that time on Dartmoor; flowers, hedgerows, and still lives.

Inspired by many years of travelling in Greece, she began a series of ‘Interiors’, together with paintings of local markets, old buildings, and Tavernas. Gradually people began to appear in the works, with the characters often becoming the primary source of interest.

In recent years, following travels further afield, most notably in India,her paintings have become predominantly figurative, sometimes within an architectural framework, as her fascination for old buildings and architectural detail remains. Portraiture too has become an important part of her work.

Her favourite medium is pastel, often with an underpainting of gouache, but she also works in oil, acrylic, or mixed media with collage. Drawing remains an essential part of her initial painting process, through many roughs in her favoured medium of charcoal. The book of her paintings of India is now in its second edition.

For 10 years she gave a variety of lectures and workshops together with courses in drawing and pastel painting.


She has exhibited widely in solo and joint exhibitions in the South West, London, and throughout the UK.


Member - The South West Academy

Member – The Pastel Society.


Awards include double prize winner at the Pastel Society Mall Galleries In 2004, and SWAc prize winner in 2003, 2010 and 2015. 

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