Pixel Art at The Pastel Society Exhibition


3rd Jun 2023


Pixel Art at the Pastel Society Exhibition

Dear Pastelists,

A big “Thankyou” goes out to all the visitors who came to The Pastel Society Exhibition this year. The response was terrific to all the work by members and non-members alike and everyone seemed to enjoy and learn from the workshops, talks and demonstrations that we held. We hope that all the contributors to our “pastel pixel project” have been captured here and by following the link you should be able to find your work. It is repeated to make up an image and sometimes edited to show how one image and result in more options.

We hope we will begin to get the message across to those that do not realize yet; Pastel is for sketching, drawing and painting. Pastel  can be chalky soft, oiler smooth and water soluble.  Pastel is immediate or for the long term. Pastel can be on its own or accompanied or accompany other media. Pastel is for young and old. Pastel is not to be feared.

We hope to meet more of you next year whether as visitor or exhibitor.


The Pastel Society UK

To view all images created to form Pixel Art: 

A selection of the images used can be seen below. There were 141 images use!